The Story of Spain


"By far the best introduction for students in English to Spain's history and culture, from its origins to the present day."  (Paul Smith, Professor Emeritus, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, U.C.L.A.)


This is a story of kings and poets, saints and conquistadors, emperors and revolutionaries, the story of El Cid, Cervantes, Picasso, and Saint Theresa, of the Alhambra and the Escorial. The story of Spain's profound historical role in discovering and conquering most of the western hemisphere. To America Spaniards gave their language, religion, arts, and political forms: all those things that today we call Hispanic.

American writer Mark Williams has drawn on years of rigorous research to re-create the drama, excitement and pathos of crucial events in the story of Spain. His book combines the myriad fragments of Spanish history into a clear and enlightening mosaic of the past. The Story of Spain describes the colorful and dramatic history of Europe's most fascinating country, from the caves of Altamira to the European Community.



"For a readable and thorough but not over-long account of Spanish history, The Story of Spain by Mark Williams is hard to beat."   (Lonely Planet Guide to Spain)

". . . the dramatic historical pageant of Spain is clearly presented in a sustained synthesis that engages the reader from first page to last." (Midwest Book Review)

"A vivid account of the country's origins and development as a nation, with all its splendors and its scandals, its warts and its wonders."  (Lookout Magazine)


The Story of Spain, Copyright 1990, 2000, 2004, 2009 (Second American edition) by Mark R. Williams, Published by Golden Era Books. ISBN 0-9706969-3-0. 352 pages, illustrated, 6 x 9 inches, quality paperback.

About the Author

Mark Williams is a freelance writer currently based in the San Francisco area. In Europe, he worked as contributing writer for the International Herald Tribune (Paris) and senior staff writer for Lookout Magazine (Spain). Later, he was chief editor of the Chevron Travel Club's Odyssey Magazine and a contributor to the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Westways, Travel-Holiday, and many other publications. The author's other books include The Story of Spain and In Search of Lemuria. Mark Williams has a Masters degree in History from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


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