"Mark Williams beautifully blends science and metaphysics in this clear account of both his worldwide explorations and his personal inward journey."

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (author of Angel Medicine and many other titles)

"Mark Williams' new book may be the best of its kind so far published. It certainly brings the subject up to date, but in so engaging a style, readers feel they are seeing the colorful marvels of Asia, America and the Pacific through a different set of eyes. What they behold is sure to intrigue and surprise them!"

Ancient American Magazine


" . . . a serious and fascinating look at the lost continent of Lemuria as reflected in the mythologies of Hindus, Australian Aborigines, Polynesians and American Indians. As mystical as Atlantis yet far less well-known, Lemuria's very existence is presented as an open question and addressed in a thoughtful and well-reasoned discourse. A fascinating and spiritual treatise that embraces metaphysical understanding as well as that of hard science. In Search of Lemuria is enthusiastically recommended to students of mythology, metaphysics, and paleoarchaeology."

The Midwest Book Review


". . . our author has not only consulted oral and written histories, with mystics and mediums, but also amassed some very, very remarkable evidence for the theory that the Pacific was not always such a colossal ocean, but that its place was once occupied by a land with civilized people . . . One must congratulate Williams on his enterprise in researching such a forbidding field--traveling as far as India--and discovering so many curious data."
Rapport Magazine


". . . I found myself unable to put this book down as I read about information crossing nearly every subject possible from archaeology and spirituality to geography and travel to politics and philosophy. In Search of Lemuria gave me much more insight into the world that survives today. I highly recommend this book . . ."


". . . The author embarks on a true journey, a scientific/historical one and a soul-searching one in the end. The research is brilliant and thorough . . . . Don't rush this book. Well written with a sense of humor, skepticism and curiosity . . . Brace yourself, you are in for many surprises."


"Williams takes us around the world, from Mt. Shasta and the Hopi to Sumatra and Easter Island in search of the fabled lost continent. Tons of information here, lots of illustrations . . ."

Adventures Unlimited


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