I used to think that people who claimed to be channels were either crazy or highly eccentric at best. But that was before I started chatting with my Higher Self or Soul or Guardian Angel. Whoever it was that kept coming through when I asked questions of “the other” and began my furious note taking as answers flooded down from above. Or was it from within? This might become clearer later in the story, but first a word about how it all began.

As a writer of both travel and metaphysical books, I wanted to create a guide to California’s Sacred Places, also known as Power Places and Sacred Sites. Seeking a deeper spiritual connection with the earth is an ancient concept, and these special places speak to everything good about humanity. Certainly a worthy subject for a book, I reasoned. But I was in a quandary about how to go about researching, organizing and writing it.

Somebody had recently given me that classic tome about releasing our creativity, The Artist’s Way, which includes something called “the Morning Pages.” Using this technique, you sit down every morning upon rising and write three pages longhand about anything that pops into your mind, completely unedited in what some call the “stream of consciousness” style. I guess in some sense you are channeling your own subconscious mind, so all sorts of interesting things start coming up, as well as some purely inane drivel. But in any case, that’s how I started to do a form of automatic writing by which I just wrote whatever cropped up in my mind without analyzing or self-editing what surfaced. It was a very private affair, and I was allowed to write anything I wanted but not to go back and read it until much later.

The morning pages revealed to me the best way to write this book. I did not want to produce a tired list of well trodden, albeit sacred Native American archeological sites or the obvious post-hippie gathering places like Panther Meadows on Mt. Shasta. My vision was more of a book that would bring enlightened people to these places of higher energy, those who could tune into whatever it was that awaited them. A book for “light workers,” and I was pretty certain that something lay at the end of the creative journey.



“You should go into nature,” my pen scribbled on the page one morning, “and start asking questions.”

I was supposed to assume that the answers would then pour forth. For this task I chose a spot called the Redwood Grove Preserve in Los Altos, near Palo Alto, because this enclave of towering trees had served me well when researching another book of mine about Lemuria. I remembered stopping there after visiting Stanford’s linear accelerator, in order to ponder the brain-busting questions posed by quantum physics, and being amazed how I actually received some answers and insights. Moreover, this place was very convenient and allowed dogs, which was the clincher.

I should tell you about Shasta Bear, my beloved Samoyed friend. He came into my life several years ago in a very strange way, and I believed he had the same soul as my previous dog. But that’s another story. In any case Shasta Bear was my constant companion and traveled with me whenever possible “off the beaten path.” Unfortunately, age and health problems were starting to take their toll; the spirit is willing but the body says no.

They say that behind every great man is a great woman. All I know is that behind this book is a very interesting and powerful woman who I’ll just call B.  She came into my life in a most unusual way and inspired me on every level, including a wonderful sexual connection. She became a “bridge” for me in all ways, and allowed me to connect profoundly with the Goddess energy. Her identity, alas, must remain a secret for several good reasons, including the fact that we were both married, but not to each other. But please don’t judge us harshly quite yet, because all this was predestined in ways I can never fully explain.

B. kept encouraging me to write this book and her love inspired me to go out and get the job done, giving me strength and power. I think that’s part of a healthy male-female dynamic and the way God planned it. It’s a woman’s gift to her man to inspire him, even if the man in question was only her “pretend lover” who would forever be standing on the outside, as I would only fully realize later.

So one October morning I was off to Los Altos to commune with nature like an ersatz Emerson or Thoreau. To hold a private conversation with nature about little things like the meaning of life and the content of my next book, not necessarily in that order. My hopes were high, but I needed to release my fears and worries about the success of my project to get it off the ground.

From the very beginning I asked the angels, specifically the Archangels Jophiel and Uriel, for assistance in receiving divine guidance through my crown chakra (an energy center/receptor at the top of our heads according to Hindu metaphysics). I fear that some eyebrows will be raised among skeptical readers at the mere mention of angels, but please stay with me on this one. More will come later, and in any case B. firmly trusts their guidance, which is good enough for me, a rational and analytical type if ever there was one. It was B. who taught me about angels, and I believed her.

I later discovered that this little redwood preserve is just one of many thousands of power places in California and around the world that are interconnected by a network of light. We need to find and develop them and receive their divinely inspired wisdom. The information given to me at this spot and other sacred places is just a taste of the wonderful things to come as we move toward the precipice of human evolution and prepare for our leap into the unknown. I only hope that I have presented my experiences as clearly and accurately as possible.


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