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We are the publisher of a best-selling history, The Story of Spain, available here after almost 20 years in print in Europe.

The updated second American edition features a revised chapter on contemporary Spain,

16 pages of stunning color photos, listings of top historical "sights and sites" for travelers, and an expanded index.



The universe was born in a great act of Love like an orgasm on an infinite scale.

                                                                                                     It was when Thought encountered Love, the masculine and feminine energy                       

                                                                                                        meeting for the first time and creating an explosion of joy and creation.

                                                                                                            This is "The Power of O."

In Search of Lemuria, our book about a mythical lost continent in the Pacific,

has created a sensation among readers interested in metaphysical ideas, ancient

civilizations, alternative archaeology, and offbeat travel destinations.

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The Story of Spain

In Search of Lemuria

The Power of O


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